Daily Data
Better Care

Stay In the Loop

You trust the care of your loved one to a home care company. One of the advantages of home care is that it lets your loved one get high-quality care in the home that they love. But what really happens each day?

FamilyCare USA provides caregivers with a simple mobile application that lets you receive daily updates with information that matters:

  • Activities and schedule
  • Dietary preferences
  • Emotional assessments

Get information that makes a difference in your loved one’s life immediately.  Did you know that your loved one is tired on Fridays because they don’t care for fish anymore and don’t eat a full lunch? Do you know that your loved one is sad on Mondays because no family member calls that day? Do you know that your loved one enjoys doing puzzles with the caregiver but has finished the last one?  Small things can make all the difference in someone’s life when they are at home receiving care.


They Deserve Your Best

You have a busy life and that’s why you have hired a home care company to help out and give your loved one the best possible care. But no one knows your Mom or Dad or Spouse they way that you do. Daily updates let you spot things that you know are issues before the home care person even realizes that they are issues.


Peace of Mind

Daily updates let you have peace-of-mind that your loved one is getting the care that they deserve and that you are working hard to provide.




The following are just a few of the services we offer:


Family Care USA provides a mobile app for caregivers and. backend for home care companies so that you can receive timely information that can make a real difference in the life of your loved one. Stay connected. Stay informed. Make adjustments quickly. 


Family Care USA takes that daily information and provides SMART reports that identify trends over time about what affects your loved one’s emotional and physical well-being.


Family Care USA makes for a simple integration with existing home care service companies. The data from the mobile app used by care givers is immediately available to the company and value-add reports can be included for each client. Choose a home care company that values your loved one and strives to deliver the best possible care. Choose a home care company that provides transparency and does what it takes to make your loved one feel happy and safe in their home.